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friends call me "Wolf"


It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf.
(Thomas Fuller)

Born in 1972, ex Alpino (italian mountain troops)

Devoted to research, study, emproving tactical, survivor and bushcrafter techics.

Beretta Defence Operative and Defensive Shooting Instructor.
Citizen of the world is at home in every environment, even the most hostile love to compare with everyone and learn from the best.
Attend courses of all kinds, its techniques are chosen, adapted and tested to infinity with the aim of always improving, removing all that is 
superfluous, choreographic or not effective for the purpose.
Wolf among wolves loves wild nature and all that can teach him, practice trekking, hiking and outdoor life.

Please follow my  Instagram  account and like my Facebook page at Wolf Tactical and AA - Airsoft Ambassador

I like thinking about me like a "Brand Ambassador", i love trying, buying every "tactical" thing .

The Wolf does not care how many sheeps are.
(Publio Virgilio Marone)


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